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The Importance of Your Foundation

Of all the areas of our home we hope will last forever, it is our foundation. As the name indicates, your foundation provides the building blocks for the rest of your dwelling. Most building contractors construct foundations responsibly, but there are different factors that can affect your home’s stability and safety over the years.

The Source of Foundation Problems

A primary cause of Charleston and Lexington foundation and concrete damage is inadequate drainage of the surrounding soil. This may occur due to the composition of the soil itself. If your ground is very dry, the foundation could settle or shift. On the other hand, if your soil is composed of a high clay content, the foundation will be subjected to expansion and contraction as the moisture level changes. This will also cause shifting of your foundation based on which way the soil is moving. It is very important to understand the moisture content of your soil, and United Structural Systems foundation and concrete damage repair contractors in Charleston and Lexington can help you with that!

Problems can also occur when water is not directed away from the ground surrounding your foundation by an efficient gutter system, or when the ground around your foundation isn’t sloped away from the foundation. The water collects next to your foundation, causing soil instability and potential structural issues.

Do you have a lot of trees in the yard around your house? As beautiful as they may be, if they are planted too close to the house, the roots can work their way into the foundation area, exploiting any areas of weakness that may exist.

If your home’s foundation has been an unfortunate victim of some of these damaging situations, we would like to help. United Structural Systems (USS), a Charleston and Lexington foundation and concrete damage repair contractor, can provide you with the peace of mind you need, and the expertise to fix your Charleston or Lexington home’s foundation issues. Call us for a free estimate.

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