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Foam Injection Vs. Pressure Grouting

Do you have a concrete slab on your property that’s showing signs of sinking or cracking? If so, United Structural Systems offers services in Lexington that can level your concrete and repair the cracks, leaving the slab looking like new again. We offer several solutions for commercial concrete repair for your Lexington property, including pressure grouting and foam injection. Read about both options below to determine which solution may best fit your needs.

Foam Injection

Foam injection is a straightforward repair solution. First, we’ll drill dime-size holes into the concrete. A polyurethane foam is then injected into the holes and fills in the area beneath the concrete. The foam will fill in any voids as it expands, lifting and leveling the concrete.

A significant benefit of polyfoam injection is its fast curing time. It cures and hardens in under 30 minutes, allowing you to use the area almost immediately after the work is complete.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting begins with a similar process as foam injection, as it is applied through holes drilled into the concrete. That is where the similarities end, however. The grout we use is a combination of water and a limestone aggregate (and cement on occasion). The mixture is pumped into the holes and fills any voids beneath the slab. During the curing time, it sets and strengthens the supporting soil. Pressure grouting for your Lexington property stabilizes the ground beneath the concrete and levels out any uneven sections.

Pressure grouting does have its drawbacks, however. Due to its lengthy curing time, you won’t be able to use the space for some time. It’s a great option if an extended curing time is no problem. We recommend this method for commercial concrete repair projects in Lexington, as it’s more cost-effective than alternative concrete repair solutions.

United Structural Systems is here to support you with all of your residential and commercial concrete repair needs in Lexington. Contact our experts today to request a free estimate!