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Crawl Space Damage? Get is fixed and avoid future damage.

If your home has a crawl space, it is extremely important to inspect and keep the area maintained. Problems with the crawl space can lead to significant issues with your foundation or the structure of your home. If you notice a musty or damp smell, mold growth, and spongy, sloped, or uneven floors, there is more than likely some damage under your home. As Charleston and Lexington crawl space repair professionals, we can help. Structural indications of potential damage to the area under your home are:

  • Cracked sheetrock
  • Trim and molding separation
  • Gaps around your cabinets, or between your floor and walls

Prevent Future Damage

An increased amount of moisture under your home can also lead to bugs and rodents being attracted to the area. If you have any of these indications of damage to your crawl space area, United Structural Systems can help. Our Charleston and Lexington, WV crawl space repair, waterproofing and vapor barrier professionals can come and evaluate the crawl space damage under your home. We will check out if your issues may be caused by poor foundation installation, failing supports, drainage problems, weak soil compaction, or water seepage. The sooner that the cause of the problem is identified and repaired, the less extensive the damage will be, and the less costly!

Protect Your Family & Possessions

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family. Not only can crawl space issues cause structural problems, but if there is an abundance of moisture or flooding problems, mold can grow and affect your family’s health. We want your family to be safe in their own home, so United Structural Systems is proud to be able to offer a free evaluation of your Charleston or Lexington home’s crawl space damage. Our team of Charleston and Lexington, WV crawl space repair, waterproofing and vapor barrier experts will determine the best course of action, and make your home a safe place to relax and raise your family. Contact us today for an evaluation.