Basement Waterproofing: Causes of Basement Leaks

Most homeowners at one time or another are going to have a water leak in their basement. As disconcerting as this is, it is also important to rely on a professional basement waterproofing and leak repair service in Lexington to help determine where the leak is originating from and how to best repair it. 

Hydrostatic Pressure and Basement Leaks

What is hydrostatic pressure? This occurs when there is water built up in the soil around the foundation. This build up exerts pressure on the foundation walls, causing cracks and inevitably leaks in the home’s basement. Even if you don’t think that you receive enough moisture to be an issue, literally tons of water fall with even a light rain storm. This increase in pressure can cause your walls to buckle and even crack.

Hydrostatic pressure is the culprit in most basement leaks. However, home plumbing issues could also cause water damage in your basement. United Structural Systems is a top basement waterproofing and leak repair service in the Lexington area, and would be pleased to come to your home to evaluate your unique situation and provide a free estimate for the needed repairs.

Where Can Basement Leaks Occur?

Water can seep into your basement in several ways:

  • Floor and wall cracks
  • Cove joint (where the walls meet the floor of your basement)
  • Top of your foundation wall where it meets the main structure of your home
  • Mortar joints (areas between bricks and mortar or concrete blocks where the porous mortar material allows seeping water)
  • Window wells without functioning drains

Contact USS KY for Basement Waterproofing

The team of basement waterproofing and leak repair service professionals at USS in Lexington can help homeowners get to the root cause of the leaks in their basement. We will find a solution to repair your home’s foundation issues. Contact us for a free estimate today!