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Crawl Space Services

Becoming a homeowner can be a rewarding experience. However, there is also a lot of upkeep and maintenance required. One area that sometimes gets overlooked is the crawl space. This is an area of your home in which it is easy to put off maintenance activity for a later time, but the problems in this area may produce some of the biggest issues for the health and safety of your family. United Structural Systems (USS) can lend a hand with our Lexington crawl space services. 

If you do not have proper ventilation, mold and mildew growth in your crawl space is a real possibility, potentially affecting the health of your family. Spores from the mold can work their way into the living areas of your home, creating an unhealthy situation. Also, higher humidity can cause the beams that support your home to remain damp and begin to rot, affecting the structural integrity of your home. Along with moisture issues, your home’s foundation can be adversely affected by settling soil around your house, making the foundation shift, causing cracks and holes in the walls. All these situations can be addressed by our Lexington crawl space services experts.

FInding the Best Solution

United Structural Systems provides important crawl space maintenance, cleaning, and inspection services in the Lexington area. Our professional staff can come to your home and perform a free, no obligation inspection of your crawl space, and recommend any cleaning and repair services that are required. There is no need for any homeowner to worry about what is happening underneath the main floor of their home when the experts from our Lexington crawl space services are available. Contact United Structural Systems and schedule an inspection today! We will give you the peace of mind that this all important area of your home is cleaned, repaired, and ready to serve you for years to come.