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Cracks in pool decks are unsightly, frustrating, and can pose a safety hazard. Don't let your summer fun get interrupted by cracked concrete around your pool in Charleston. If your pool deck is developing cracks, the experts at United Structural Systems can help. We will come out and conduct a full assessment to determine the extent of the damage. Afterward, our concrete pool deck repair team in Charleston will provide you with a long-lasting repair recommendation for your pool deck.

What causes cracks in pool decks? 

As with any concrete surface, pool decks are vulnerable to many environmental factors. Things such as erosion, excess water, poor compaction, and other issues with the underlying soil can cause the slab to shift or settle. Over time, this movement will exert pressure on the concrete and form cracks. 

Cracks in any concrete pose a problem, as they worsen when left unaddressed. In pool decks, they are particularly problematic. This is because the consistent presence of water ensures that water will seep into the cracked areas. During the winter, this water will freeze and expand, putting enough pressure on the concrete to push the cracked concrete around the pool area at your Charleston home even further apart.

It is critical to address cracked concrete around your pool deck in a timely manner to prevent more extensive damage down the road. Our Charleston concrete pool deck repair experts will work with you to ensure your pool deck is properly repaired so you can enjoy your pool again.


United Structural Systems is a family-owned company. We have proudly provided the Charleston community with exceptional service since 1995. Our experienced team will help you find the best solution to repair your cracked pool deck to ensure your summer fun goes uninterrupted. Contact our team today to learn more about our concrete pool deck repair in the Charleston area and schedule your free estimate!

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