Crawl Space Damage & Repair in Charleston, WV

It’s possible you’ve never ventured to look inside your crawl space, but it is a vital part of the overall structure and stability of your home. So when crawl space damage appears, it is understandably concerning. How do you discover what caused it so you can prevent future damage? The best step is to call our crawl space damage and repair experts in Charleston, WV. We will diagnose the underlying cause of your crawl space trouble, and we’ll make permanent repairs so you can rest easy again. It’s helpful to know what some of the more common causes of crawl space damage are, so you know when to request an inspection.

What Causes Crawl Space Damage?

The leading cause of crawl space damage in Charleston, WV, is the presence of moisture and humidity, and when these build up in your crawl space, they cause a tremendous amount of damage. Some problems you may encounter include decaying wooden support beams, foundation cracks, and damaged insulation. Additionally, when moisture and humidity in your Charleston home’s crawl space remain unchecked, they can encourage the growth of mold. 

Pests are also attracted to a moist and humid environment. So, when your crawl space has water intrusion problems, you may end up with a nest of unwanted housemates.

Mitigating Crawl Space Damage

United Structural Systems specializes in crawl space damage and repair throughout Charleston and West Virginia. We have rock-solid solutions to eliminate the damage done to that dark space beneath your house. We offer comprehensive crawl space services, including:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Waterproofing methods
  • Sump pumps and backups
  • Dehumidifiers

Our team will determine which solution is best suited for your home and recommend what we believe is the exact and most cost-effective crawl space repair for your Charleston, WV, property. We want you to have the best solution to ensure your crawl space remains clean, dry, and usable.

Contact USS for Crawl Space Repair in Charleston, WV

Whatever the cause of your crawl space damage, United Structural Systems can help. We work with homeowners to ensure their properties are well taken care of—permanently. Contact us today to receive a free crawl space repair estimate in Charleston, WV!