Lexington- Residential Foundation Repair

The chances your home will need foundation repair increase every day here in Lexington. This area receives some sort of precipitation on average 121 days every year. Our annual rain totals are almost 10 inches above the national average. Too often, water and foundations don't go well together. Water and extreme weather are the primary causes of foundation settlement, the downward shift of the soil that surrounds and supports your foundation. Settlement is a common cause of foundation trouble, which can compromise the safety of your family and your home. Besides your roof, you might say the foundation of your home runs a close second in importance. If your foundation crumbles, so does the home on which it stands.

Fortunately, the residential foundation repair and stabilization experts at United Structural Systems in Lexington know all the signs that indicate foundation issues, and because we're right around the corner, we can give you an immediate assessment of your foundation and can partner with you personally if it needs attention. We know there is no magic bullet, no single solution to solve everyone's foundation problems. Your foundation issues are particular to your home, which is why we're experts in offering customized foundation repair solutions. 

Settlement and Sinking Soil

As we mentioned, settlement is one of the primary causes of foundation failure. Extreme weather conditions and fluctuations in ground moisture and temperature will cause the soil that surrounds and supports the foundation of your home to expand and contract. This shifting of the earth around your home creates instability in the soil that supports your foundation, and over time, that soil can no longer support the foundation of your greatest investment. Your foundation then begins to crack, bow, or even crumble. 

Signs Your Foundation Needs Attention

You can look for the same indications of problems that our residential foundation repair team in Lexington looks for. The primary signs that your foundation is compromised are:

  • Jagged cracks in the masonry
  • Chimney has separated from the house
  • Windows and doors stick or won't open easily
  • Cracks in the drywall
  • Basement walls are bowed or bulge
  • Uneven floors inside your home
  • Dark spots in the basement that indicate water damage

If you find any of these symptoms of foundation distress, don't get stressed. Call United Structural Systems right now. Our residential foundation repair and stabilization experts in Lexington have been solving problems like these for decades. We'll get the job done, and we'll get it done right.