foundation repair

Bowed Wall Solutions

There is no more important component to your home’s stability than your foundation. The foundation is designed to support your home, and also keep the soil at the proper angle and slope to reduce pressure on the walls. Environmental concerns such as extreme weather or too much moisture can cause contraction and expansion in the ground soil, causing unwanted movement.

The ground around your home can shift and put undue pressure on your house’s concrete support. Once the foundation is compromised, it can affect the rest of your home’s structural integrity, causing issues with walls, flooring, and cabinet alignment. If your basement and retaining walls are showing signs of stress such as slanting or tilting, connecting wall separation, or cracked or crumbling walls, our Charleston, WV foundation restoration and bowed wall repair experts can help. Generally, most of these issues can be repaired and the stability of your home reinforced without having to replace the entire concrete wall. We have several methods of wall realignment for your Charleston home based on your unique situation:

Wall Slushing

Carbon Fiber


Helical Tiebacks

Composite Rock Retaining Wall Anchor

It is very important to address any foundation restoration and bowed wall repair concerns for your Charleston home as soon as possible. If addressed quickly, these methods can be a permanent solution to stabilize your concrete foundation and retaining walls, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Our expert staff at United Structural Systems (USS) has many years of experience in concrete wall stabilization, and we can help you with your foundation and retaining wall concerns. USS offers free estimates, and prides ourselves on our quick and thorough assessment of your Charleston, WV foundation restoration and bowed wall repair needs. Our goal is to help you with your foundation concerns, and we will treat your home as if it were our own!