Do You Have Cracks or Uneven Spots In Your Sidewalk?

No matter what good care we take of our Lexington sidewalks, sometimes problems will arise. Those may show up in the form of unsightly cracks or uneven footing. However, these issues pose a bigger problem than just being aesthetically unpleasing. They can pose a dangerous tripping hazard and are also often symptoms of more serious underlying trouble. Addressing these problems promptly may help avoid more expensive future repairs. 

Contact the Lexington sidewalk repair experts at United Structural Systems when you first notice cracks or uneven spots in your sidewalk. Our experienced team will discover the underlying cause and will suggest the most appropriate and cost effective repair solutions.

Sidewalk Repair Solutions

Depending on what the underlying problem is, there are several sidewalk repair solutions to choose from. One option is a surface fix for broken sections. We can inject a polyurethane foam into the cracks to create a waterproof seal. This step is important because cracks in the sidewalk are an open invitation for water intrusion, which can make the damage much worse over time. 

However, that does not address the underlying issue or resolve any uneven surfaces. That is why we also offer concrete leveling services. During this process, our technicians inject a liquid polyurethane foam into small holes drilled into the sidewalk. As the foam hardens, it lifts  your Lexington property’s concrete slab back into place. This solution is sturdy and long-term, so you can rest easy knowing your sidewalk is safe for years to come.

Our sidewalk repair experts will inspect your concrete surface to determine which service is appropriate for your Lexington sidewalk. Then, they will recommend the best option. Utilizing concrete slab lifting techniques, our Lexington sidewalk repair experts are ready to help ensure you can once again walk on stable ground. Call us today to request a free estimate!