Lexington Foundation Repair

Bowing walls, a sinking house and cracked concrete floors could mean that your house or business has foundation issues. United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. in Lexington, KY has a trained team ready to evaluate your home or business, and give you a free estimate. We specialize in foundation repair, waterproofing and wall realignment. Every foundation is different and our team is vigorously trained to handle any foundation and can work with you to determine the best way to lift and stabilize your commercial or residential property.

Commercial Services

United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc. provides vertical and lateral application of support material to lift and support your foundation, as well as guard against future damage. Waterproofing could entail encasing the exterior wall or installing a drainage system to remove the water. We offer other services, including slab repair brackets, retrofit brick ties, and benchmarking. No matter what kind of commercial foundation repair needs you have, our expert foundation repair team can help you and your business.

Residential Services

Foundations can weaken or loosen their support over time. Foundation repair is never the same house to house. Our experts can handle your foundation issues with professionalism, knowledge and experience. Wall realignment may be necessary for properties with bowing walls or where the soil has shifted to press against your wall, making it curve inward, causing cracks in drywall, cement, and brick. We can waterproof a house by encasing the exterior wall of your foundation to prevent water from entering the basement or crawl space, or installing a drainage system to redirect surface and groundwater. Not all support issues are found in the foundation. Structural support may be necessary for properties with support beams, joists and columns in crawl spaces that are damaged by time or nature. Repairing your structural system will save you stress in the long run, so let our team of experts help you out and relieve some stress. United Structural Systems can repair or replace these parts as they get older or shift out of place.

Service That Stands

At United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc. our customer service is a point of pride for us, meaning that we take the time to talk with you about what is happening in your property and the progress of each part of the project in your commercial or residential property. We are more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have about your commercial and residential foundation repair. Contact us at for more information about our services or to schedule a free estimate (859) 203-5184.

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