Crawl Space Damage & Repair in Lexington

Many Lexington homes have crawl spaces rather than basements. These play a critical role in the structural stability of your property. So, when issues arise, they could have a negative impact on the integrity of your home's foundation. That is why when you discover crawl space damage in your Lexington home it’s concerning. Once problems arise, discovering the root cause will help direct any repairs and mitigation efforts to prevent future problems. When you need help with crawl space damage, call our professionals. Our crawl space experts at United Structural Systems will complete a thorough assessment before offering repair solutions. As a homeowner, it’s good to know what causes crawl space damage in Lexington so you know when to call us for an inspection.

What Causes Crawl Space Damage?

The leading cause of crawl space damage in Lexington is humidity and moisture. When their presence goes unaddressed, significant issues occur, including foundation cracks, decaying wooden support beams, and insulation damage. Excessive levels of moisture and humidity will also encourage the growth of mold. 

Another unwanted problem that may arise is pest infestation. Unwanted critters are attracted to a moist environment. So water intrusion problems will invite insects, mice, rats, and other varmints into your space.

We specialize in crawl space repair in Lexington. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the underlying problems and find a solution to combat the damage. We offer solutions like waterproofing, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers. Our experienced team will recommend a customized solution for your home. We can then address the crawl space damage and make the space usable.

Contact USS for Crawl Space Repair in Lexington

No matter what caused the moisture and humidity beneath your Lexington home, the experts at United Structural Systems know more than a few ways to get the job done. We provide long-lasting crawl space repair solutions for homeowners. Contact our team today to receive your free crawl space repair estimate in Lexington!