Charleston―Retrofit Brick Ties

Water damage to masonry can cause a brick wall to bow or bulge, and in the past, the affected sections had to be completely removed and replaced. But today, with the use of retrofit brick ties, our Charleston and Lexington team of brick wall repair experts can reinforce rather than tear down and replace the wall. There is a good chance that United Structural Systems can save your brick walls after they've suffered even severe water damage—we've been doing it since 1995.

We're a family-owned and operated business serving the Charleston and Lexington communities, and we specialize in realigning and repairing your basement walls and home foundations. With three generations of experience, we've got the solution to fix anything that compromises the foundation, masonry, or support structure of your home.

Brick ties have been around since the mid-1800s, and were used to reinforce and stabilize the brick walls of flooded buildings. Now we can use retrofit brick ties for all sorts of masonry wall renovation. Our team of brick wall repair professionals in Charleston and Lexington start by removing any mortar squeezings, then we install the ties on the interior side of the wall. We drill small holes into the brick, which we fill with mortar and epoxy, then we anchor the veneer of the masonry wall to the stud framing with screws. The process ties back the wall, which eliminates the bowing and bulging. In certain situations, our Charleston and Lexington team can also use these retrofit brick ties to stabilize masonry to structural elements to prevent brick veneer from falling off the face of a building.

For three generations United Structural Systems has been helping our neighbors in Charleston and Lexington. We offer the best service and highest quality in foundation repair, basement remediation, concrete leveling, and so much more. Our goal is to find the perfect solution to keep your home properly supported and structurally sound. When you discover water damage to the brick walls of your home, give us a call. Our Charleston and Lexington team of brick wall repair experts can assess whether retrofit brick ties will save the masonry of your walls.