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Charleston Expansive Soils

When foundation troubles arise, you need an experienced team you can trust. Our professionals at United Structural Systems are here to protect your home and mitigate foundation issues, including problems caused by expansive soils surrounding your Charleston home’s foundation. If you’re experiencing foundation troubles, reach out to our experts. Our foundation experts are knowledgeable about expansive soils and the resulting foundation damage. Our team in Charleston has proven soil stabilization solutions to repair the damage and measures to prevent the damage from occurring again. 

What Are Expansive Soils? 

Expansive soils are often found in areas rich in clay. Clay-based soils react strongly to any water exposure. When the area loses water, the soil contracts, and then it expands again when it takes on water. The high mineral content and lack of organic material that typically make up expansive soils make it difficult to achieve proper drainage.

How Does Expansive Soil Affect My Property? 

Expansive soil regularly cycles through periods of contraction and expansion, creating an unstable surface area. Additionally, the total volume of soil changes during these cycles. The result is unstable underlying soil, which prevents your home’s foundation from remaining in its original position. The shifting soil exerts undue pressure on your house and can cause foundation settling or foundation heaving. Eventually, this excessive movement can lead to structural damage, including a cracked foundation.

How We Can Help 

Our team in Charleston can implement soil stabilization solutions to provide support to your home if it’s impacted by expansive soils. To determine the most appropriate solution, we will complete an inspection of your property and your foundation. Then we will recommend a customized repair and soil stabilization solution for your Charleston foundation.

United Structural Systems is family owned and operated and has proudly served the Charleston area since 1995. Our experienced and professional team values outstanding customer service and superior workmanship. Contact us today to discuss options for resolving your expansive soil issues and request your free estimate!