Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation Repair Solutions

Are you noticing that your home is beginning to crack, your doors are sticking, or your floors are uneven? These could all be signs that your home is settling. If that’s the case, give our specialists at United Structural Systems (USS) in Lexington a call for concrete lifting and repair services. It is our passion to provide our neighboring homeowners with the best possible solutions for any foundational problems that they may face.

Types Of Foundation Repair Solutions

Though there are numerous different ways to repair a home’s foundation, our experts at USS have found the best method to do so after countless years of experience. The best option to permanently repair foundations in the Lexington area is through the use of steel push foundation piers. It is always advisable that other methods also be explored to ensure that this is still the best method for your home.

Injections for Foundation Crack Repair

We fully understand that the benefit of injecting polyurethane foam or epoxy is that it will completely waterproof the foundation. Unfortunately, however, this method does not address the cause of the damage in the first place, leaving the possibility of it happening again.

Concrete Pier System

Although a cheaper option than steel in the Lexington area, concrete foundation piers provide less support than steel. This indicates the very likely possibility that your initial issues may quickly arise again.

Helical Piers

This method is much better suited for providing support for lighter structures as opposed to the massive weight of a home unit because they are built to bear loads through soil and not bedrock.

Steel Push Piers 

In this area of Lexington especially, steel push foundation piers are the best possible option. This is due to the fact that this type of repair has the ability to reach below the weaker soil and strike bedrock, allowing it to hold an impressive load of up to ten times the weight that concrete can carry.

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