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Helical Slab Repair Brackets

Foundation issues can strike structures of every size. When this happens, repair or stabilization help is necessary to ensure no further damage occurs. If you have a building smaller than a house, you may benefit from unique foundation repair solutions. At United Structural Systems, we are here to support you with all of your foundation needs—for both large and small buildings.

We have a long and successful track record of repairing smaller, more lightweight structures. Often, these smaller buildings require the use of a more specialized product. Our concrete slab repair team in Lexington uses helical slab repair brackets, a proven solution for this type of repair

Why use helical slab repair brackets?

A supportive system commonly used for industrial and commercial concrete slab repair in Lexington, helical brackets are also a great option for other structures. These specialized brackets have many advantages, including their practicality, easy installation, and economical cost. 

The helical brackets used by our Lexington team are steel piers that are installed deep into the surrounding soil. They are placed at a depth that will reach load-bearing soil underneath your structure. At this depth, they can provide significant stabilization. To improve upon their strength and stability, they are often installed on top of helical anchors. 

Additionally, they are a budget-friendly repair option, allowing you to complete necessary repairs without spending a fortune. Due to the steel construction of our helical slab repair brackets, they are also highly durable and reliable. They are specifically crafted to provide years of supportive strength to a structure.

United Structural Systems is proud to support the Lexington community with our concrete slab repair services. Our foundation repair experts are here to help with any foundation trouble you may be facing. Ensuring the security and safety of your home or business for years to come is our top priority. 

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