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Structural Repair Contractors for Your Home

The structural support of a house goes beyond the foundation. Even if the perimeter foundation of your home is solid, the superstructure could be weak and need repair. The superstructure of a house is everything above ground level that sits on top of your foundation, basement, or crawlspace. Over time, certain parts of the superstructure can be weakened by moisture issues, termites, or lack of ventilation. Rely on the Charleston and Lexington, West Virginia structural repair contractors of United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. for all of your home's structural and concrete wall repair needs, including:

  • Sinking floors
  • Sill plates
  • Band boards
  • Floor joists
  • Wooden shims

Our experienced Charleston and Lexington structural repair contractors and concrete wall repair staff can evaluate your structure and provide you with the best recommendation for structural repairs that will permanently remedy your home's issues.

Know the Signs

Your home is your fortress, not to mention it's likely your largest investment. Spotting early signs of weak structural supports in your home could save you a lot of time, money, and headaches in the long run. If the signs are detected early enough, it could be possible to simply fix the issue and completely prevent more major problems altogether before they become worse. Signs to keep an eye out for include:

Sagging or bouncy floors

If your floor has started to feel more like a trampoline in places, you can be assured that there is some type of structural repair needed. It could be caused by issues in the structural design of your home, or from foundation settlement or moisture-related issues. 

Vibrating shelves

Maybe you haven’t noticed your floor bouncing or sagging, but you’ve noticed the knick knacks on your shelves seem to have a mind of their own and shift around - especially if it is in a high-traffic area of your home - it’s likely a structural issue such as weakened floors. 

Rotting floors

While this one may seem hard to miss, if you have carpet or areas of your home such as a guest room that doesn’t get used much, it can be surprisingly easy to not realize the floors in your home are rotting. Protect your home by regularly taking stock of the condition of your floors - rotting floors under carpet will feel weak when you step on them.

Drywall cracks

While it’s normal for foundations to shift over time, shifting and sinking to the point of causing cracks in your walls is a sign that a bigger structural issue is at hand and it’s time to call a structural repair contractor like USS. 

Sticking doors or windows

Your doors and windows should open and close with ease. If you’re noticing it’s becoming more and more of a challenge to open a window to let in fresh air or that your doors don’t seem to quite fit their frames anymore, there are foundational issues in your home. 

Call For Your Free Structural Repair Inspection!

Some symptoms, like drywall cracks or sticking doors and windows, may be more obvious than some of the others. If you start to notice any subtle signs or think there may be an issue that could be prevented in the future, the Charleston and Lexington, West Virginia structural repair contractors anc concrete wall repair crew at United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. will come out and provide a free inspection. We have service areas in Cincinnati, Lexington, Lancaster and Cross Lanes!

Weakened structural supports need to be fixed with strong support beams to lift the structure back into place for permanent stability. At United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc., we place either steel, block, or poured columns that are placed under your home's structure to provide permanent support. Let our Charleston area structural repair contractors and concrete wall repair team come out and give you an assessment of the best solution based on your structure's condition.

Common Signs of Structural Problems
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