Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Vertical Applications: Repair Beyond the Foundation

Homeowners don’t always realize the effect the soils under their house have on the stability of their foundation. There are times when you need to go deep into the soil to create the stabilization for the base of the foundation. Our Lexington soil stabilization and structural repair contractors are experts in vertical applications for retrofitting a current structure or for new construction. If you notice sinking foundations, settling concrete slabs, or bulging and sinking floors, it’s time to give the team at United Structural Systems a call. We can repair your individual foundation issue cost-effectively and efficiently.

 How Does It Work?

What is vertical settlement? This phenomenon is occurring when there is any sign of sagging or sinking of your foundation or structure that points toward the ground. If you are experiencing vertical settlement of your foundation, this is an indication the soils beneath your foundation have settled. This settling causes the floors and foundation of the structure to bulge or sink. At USS, our soil stabilization and structural repair contractors in Lexington use industrial drill rigs to reach load-bearing soil. This is necessary to strengthen the soils and support the structure without further settlement and damage.

Commercial Vertical Application Solutions    

Our experts specialize in the installation of vertical applications in areas that have limited access, making other methods or systems difficult or impossible to use. USS offers a variety of methods for different, unique situations:


Rock Anchor Micropiles

Auger Cast Piles

Aggregate Piers

Helical Piers

Helical Pull Down Micropiles

The soil stabilization and structural repair contractors at USS in Lexington have installed hundreds of mini piles in industrial settings. Our team can evaluate your individual situation, and make the best recommendation for your needs. Contact United Structural Systems for a free assessment and estimate. 

helical pull down micropile
Foundation Repair Options