Symptoms of foundation trouble can come in varying forms. Some are quite visible and easy to spot, while other symptoms may be more difficult to identify. You could be experiencing doors or windows that stick or don’t sit flush in their frames. Or your chimney or brickwork may be crooked or cracked. 

Whether you have obvious signs of foundation trouble or more subtle hints, addressing these symptoms promptly is extremely important. 

Do foundation repair solutions really help? We know it can be hard to visualize the benefits of foundation repair. So we’ve pulled together a project gallery of some of  the jobs completed by our foundation repair specialists in Charleston. These images will show exactly what foundation repair does to stabilize your home.

The images below contain both before and after shots, allowing you to see how effective foundation repair is. While these are not an exhaustive representation of our services, they do showcase a few of our repair options. Move the tab below each image to the left and right to view the before and after shots.

Chimney Rotation

Chimneys that pull away from the structure are a sure sign of foundation trouble. We were able to address this and protect against future damage. The chimney foundation was attached with re-bar that acted as a hinge during foundation settlement. Our foundation repair specialists in Charleston were able to lift and stabilize with pressure driven piles.

Uneven Doors

Doors corrected after foundation leveling prevent sticking and improper closure. No more frustration with doors and windows that don’t function properly!

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair on a Charleston neighborhood pump house. Multiple foundation breaks fixed with pressure driven piles. All visible cracks were fixed by our Charleston team of foundation repair specialists, and the pump house now has a stable foundation and looks like new.

Working With United Structural Systems

United Structural Systems proudly provides the local community with high-quality foundation repair and excellent customer service. Our expert team of foundation repair specialists in Charleston has three generations of experience providing concrete leveling, basement remediation, and many more foundation services.

You can count on United Structural Systems for all of your foundation repair needs. We want to help you restore your home to a structurally sound state. Contact us today to request a free estimate!