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When foundation trouble arises, turn to a team you can trust. At United Structural Systems in Lexington, our team of experienced professionals has multiple solutions to resolve your foundation woes. Call us today if you have bowing or cracking walls, or you suspect underlying damage.

When is Foundation Wall Reinforcement Necessary?

    Some shifting, settling, and cracking in the foundation of your home is bound to happen, especially in new home construction. After all, your house sits on a surface that tends to move. Sometimes the environmental forces become too strong and exert undue pressure on the foundation walls of your home.

    When this happens, you may start to see larger cracks appear, or the basement walls become inwardly bowed. These are signs the structural integrity of your foundation is compromised. Often, foundation wall reinforcement for your Lexington home can help address these issues and ensure your home is restored.

    Lexington Foundation Wall Reinforcement Repair Solutions

    Since there are many possible reasons the foundation walls of your Lexington home need some support, we offer multiple repair solutions.

    When concrete foundation walls need reinforcement, the USS team often turns to carbon fiber supports for your Lexington home. These wall straps are unbelievably strong and long-lasting. They will help support your foundation walls in the face of hydrostatic pressure or other external elements.

    I-Beams and helical tiebacks are two other repair solutions we turn to when foundation walls are damaged. Both options work well for bowing walls. They help restore the wall to its stable and upright position.

    These are only a handful of the solutions the USS experts can use to reinforce your Lexington foundation walls. Contact us to learn more.

    Trust USS For Foundation Wall Reinforcement in Lexington

    The professionals at United Structural Systems will inspect your foundation thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of your trouble. Then, we will recommend custom repair solutions based on your specific needs.  

    United Structural Systems is family-owned and operated. We proudly provide Lexington homeowners with all their foundation repair needs. Our experienced team provides exceptional customer service, and we will ensure you have the most appropriate, long-lasting solution. Call us today to schedule a free inspection of your Lexington home.