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Repairing Damaged Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve an important purpose around your home. Their main purpose is to hold back soil and other materials and prevent it from moving. These walls can be constructed from various materials such as masonry, steel, brick, or concrete. If you observe the following damage to your retaining wall, it is probably time to contact your Charleston and Lexington retaining wall repair specialists:

  • Collapsing/tilting wall
  • Separation from an adjacent wall
  • Retaining wall is crumbling

The causes of these types of damage can vary from poor construction, lack of reinforcement, improper drainage, expansive soils, and more. The Charleston and Lexington retaining wall repair professionals with United Structural Systems (USS) can help you evaluate the cause of your wall damage and recommend the best solution. 

Charleston, WV Retaining Wall Repair Experts

Our team of experts at USS utilize both wall anchors and helical anchors to repair your retaining wall. Wall anchors are a cost effect method to stabilize the wall. Utilizing surrounding hard packed, stable soil, the anchors are placed to stop the bowing of the wall. This technique can also straighten the retaining wall over time. If you are faced with a difficult access issue to more stable soil, your Charleston and Lexington retaining wall repair experts may recommend using a helical anchor system. This method is more intensive, but is a good solution if you can’t auger a hole for wall anchors. The goal of our professionals is to restore the structural integrity of the wall, and also bring the appearance back to almost new condition.


Repairs should be performed as soon as possible because the chances of retaining wall failure will increase over time. We want to assist you in evaluating the condition of your wall structure. Our Charleston and Lexington retaining wall repair experts at USS can give you a free estimate on the work that will be required. Contact our team today!