Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Standing Water Near Your Foundation

Protecting the foundation of your Charleston home is vitally important. Unfortunately, numerous environmental factors can impact the integrity of your foundation. One of those is standing water. 

Most people are aware of the damage that water can cause. However, we don’t always think about the impact when it makes its way into the foundation. Yet, any standing water near your Charleston home’s foundation can compromise its structural integrity. If you know or suspect you have standing water around your foundation, contact United Structural Systems today for a free inspection and estimate. 

United Structural Systems has a team of exterior foundation waterproofing experts in Charleston experienced in addressing standing water around foundations. We will drain the excess water and install repair solutions to fortify your foundation and prevent future damage.

What Causes Foundation Standing Water?

There are multiple reasons why you may have standing water around your Charleston home’s foundation, including:

  • Poor drainage
  • Improper grading
  • Heavy precipitation that has saturated the surrounding soil
  • A clogged low-point drain

Left unaddressed, standing water near your foundation can saturate the soil and create hydrostatic pressure, which can put immense pressure on the foundation walls. Eventually, it may cause more significant problems, like a cracked foundation or bowing basement walls. 

Our exterior foundation waterproofing experts in Charleston will come to your home and perform an inspection. Once we discover the underlying cause of the standing water, we will provide you with customized repair recommendations. 

United Structural Systems has served the Charleston community since 1995, and we have earned the reputation as a trusted waterproofing and foundation repair company that provides quality workmanship and premier customer service. If you suspect you have a problem with standing water or other foundation issues, contact United Structural Systems for a free inspection. Our Charleston exterior foundation waterproofing experts can remove the standing water from your foundation and install solutions to prevent future damage and protect your home.