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Tilted Chimneys in Lexington

Is the chimney of your home no longer straight? Have gaps between the wall and bricks started appearing? If your chimney looks slightly tilted or like it may fall over momentarily, you should contact our foundation inspection contractors in Lexington. Tilted chimneys are warning signs of serious foundation issues and should get addressed promptly. Any foundation problem left unaddressed will lead to more significant future damage and increase the cost of repairs. Damaged chimneys also come with the hazards of falling bricks or toxic leaks.

United Structural Systems has foundation repair experts who can help restore your house. Our professional foundation inspection contractors help the Lexington community with tilted chimney solutions as well as all their foundation repair needs. If your home has a tilted chimney, our foundation experts will conduct a thorough inspection and assess your foundation. We will also provide you with a customized recommendation for repairs. 

What Causes Chimneys to Tilt?

Chimneys get built on a separate concrete pad to ensure their stability. If the underlying pad cracks or starts to sink, it will cause your chimney to tilt. There are a few factors that may cause this damage:

  • The concrete pad was sized wrong;
  • Poor soil quality underneath the pad;
  • Water that pools around the pad due to poor drainage conditions;
  • Any deterioration of the concrete pad itself;
  • And sometimes, chimneys get built without a concrete pad.

If gaps between your wall and chimney appear, call the foundation repair professionals at United Structural Systems to fix your tilted chimney. Our Lexington foundation inspection contractors will perform a complete inspection to determine the root cause and find a solution for your chimney. 

United Structural Systems is proud to support the Lexington community. Our mission is to help restore your home to make it safer and more stable for you and your loved ones.

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