USS Basement Waterproofing Systems in Charleston, WV

If you have a leak in the basement of your home, or if you are building a new structure that needs protection from the elements, United Structural Systems (USS) in Charleston and Lexington has basement waterproofing systems that you can rely on to do the job. These systems repair the leaks, but more importantly, also guarantee that you will have a dry basement area.

There are two main solutions for basement waterproofing. These options include exterior water management systems and interior drain systems. Both of these methods are effective to prevent excess moisture and flooding in your basement area. The exterior drain systems divert water away from the home’s foundation, while the interior systems pump out water that has already entered the basement area. Either system is effective in keeping your basement area dry. The experts at USS will take into account your individual property’s condition, location, and the cause of the moisture when determining the best basement waterproofing system for your Charleston and Lexington home.

Interior drain tile systems are an efficient method of dealing with groundwater that enters your basement. The water is directed to a low spot and pumped out with a sump pump, keeping the area dry and protecting the foundation. This method is particularly useful in unfinished basements.

Exterior drain systems are another approach to keep your basement area dry. These gravel filled trenches, referred to as french drains, are lined with pipes to direct any water, including heavy rainfall and groundwater, away from your home’s foundation. This system keeps your basement dry by not allowing the water to enter the area and cause damage.

Contact the team at USS today to determine the best basement waterproofing system for your Charleston or Lexington home. We will answer any questions and make sure you are completely satisfied.