Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Steel Push Piers in Lexington

If your home starts showing any warning signs of potential foundation trouble, contact United Structural Systems foundation contractors in Lexington.We’ll install steel push piers if needed to fix your foundation and restore it to brand new. As foundation issues only worsen over time, it is critical to discover and address problems before they become more significant and costly. 

Our foundation repair professionals will perform a complete inspection of your home. They can then determine the underlying cause of your issues. We will work with you to find the most appropriate repair options for you. At United Structural Systems, we have years of experience in foundation repair in Lexington. Our foundation contractors have found through their experience that steel push piers are an excellent repair solution for the Lexington area.

What Are Steel Push Piers?

Our steel push piers are a support structure that helps stabilize your home’s foundation. Made of strong galvanized steel, they can help support the weight of your home after installation. If you’re looking for the best foundation solution for your Lexington home, steel push piers are long-lasting, durable, and corrosion-resistant, lasting you years to come.

Steel push piers get inserted deep into the ground. Installing them at this depth gives additional stability and support to the foundation of your home.

Why Push Piers?

Steel push piers are the ideal solution for foundation repair in the Lexington community. These steel push piers reach the bedrock that sits below weak soil to provide the greatest possible level of support for your foundation. They can also carry roughly ten times the weight of concrete push piers, making them an ideal foundation repair solution. 

The installation is also an efficient process. It results in lesser disturbance to your home than other support solutions. 

United Structural Systems proudly supports Lexington homeowners with foundation repair custom to their needs. Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of your home. All United Structural Systems customers receive the highest quality of work and exceptional customer service. 

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