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United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio is a family-owned foundation repair company providing superior commercial and residential foundation repair services. No foundation is the exact same, so all of our technicians take a vigorous training program so we can solve the unique issues of any property. We pride ourselves on our maintenance programs, professionalism, and appearance. Let one of our experts provide you with a free estimate for your home or business.

Commercial Services

The foundation for a business or commercial space is subject to damage from soil erosion or groundwater and how the space was used previously. Cracks in your walls, uneven floors and warped floorboards can put off customers and be a major indicator of compromised structural integrity and foundation issues. United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc. can provide a solution for your commercial property.

Vertical application and lateral application provides support to your foundation from the bedrock below your building, lifting your foundation back up to where it needs to be. Waterproofing could be necessary for properties that are prone to flooding or have water damage. Waterproofing the outside of your foundation and filling in the cracks in your wall prevents water from entering your building and damaging your foundation further. We offer other services, including slab repair brackets, retrofit brick ties, and benchmarking.

Residential Services

Your chimney could be pulling away from your home, your house could be sinking, or you may have a flooded basement every time it rains. Whatever the reason, United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc. is the professional, reliable foundation repair and wall realignment experts that Cincinnati can trust for foundation repair services and systems.

Wall realignment is necessary for exterior walls under pressure from the surrounding earth. Our team of experts can install a system that pulls your bowing walls back into place and provides support.

Your home may also require waterproofing if your basement is prone to flooding. Our team offers a number of waterproofing solutions, like an exterior wall coating, a surface water draining system or epoxy and polyurethane injection in the cracks of your basement walls.

Structural support services lift and stabilize your house by repairing or replacing the support beams, steel plates and floor joists in your crawl space that may have started to deteriorate from water damage, age or the use of improper building material.

For more information about our services, the systems we use, or to schedule a free estimate, contact us at 513-561-0300.

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