Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Steel Push Piers in Charleston

Do you have signs of foundation problems in your home? It is crucial to address any foundation issues promptly. If left unrepaired, they can worsen over time and result in increased damage to your home as well as more costly repairs. If you suspect foundation trouble, contact United Structural Systems. Our team of foundation repair contractors in Charleston complete professional steel push pier installations to renew your home.

Our foundation repair professionals will come to your home to conduct a complete inspection. After determining the root cause of your problem, we will provide you with customized repair options.

The team at United Structural Systems has years of experience assisting Charleston homeowners with steel push pier installations and other foundation repair needs. Over the years, we’ve seen many homeowners benefit from the installation of steel push piers.

What are Steel Push Piers?

Steel push piers are a support structure for your foundation made of galvanized steel. They are designed to support the weight of your home upon installation. Steel push piers are long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and highly durable. 

Steel push piers are attached to your home’s foundation and are driven deep into the ground to provide outstanding stability. Our experienced foundation repair contractors in Charleston complete thorough steel push pier installations to transform and renew your home’s foundation.

Why Push Piers?

In our experience, steel push pier installations are ideal for the Charleston community. They go deep enough to reach the bedrock that is beneath weak soil. Securing them in the bedrock gives your foundation the best support possible. Additionally, steel piers can hold roughly ten times the weight of push piers made of concrete.  

Ease of installation is another reason steel push piers are a fantastic repair solution. Our installation process is highly efficient, resulting in less disturbance to your foundation and surrounding areas than other repair options. 

At United Structural Systems, our foundation repair contractors are proud to support Charleston’s community with its foundation repair needs. Making your home as safe and secure as possible for you and your loved ones is our number one priority. The foundation professionals at United Structural Systems are committed to providing every homeowner with excellent customer service and exceptional work.

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