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Crawl Space Damage? Get it fixed and avoid future damage.

The crawl space under your home can be a source of problems for your foundation. It is important to have a Lexington area crawl space repair, waterproofing and vapor barrier professional regularly inspect this area for damage that could lead to serious issues for your home’s stability. Are you noticing any signs of crawl space damage in your home? This could be a musty smell, mold growth, cracked sheetrock, and sloped, sagging, or creaking floors. Other signs of potential issues could be sticking windows and doors, cabinet separation, and many other signs of shifting structure. When you notice these symptoms, it is important to contact United Structural Systems (USS) for an evaluation. Our professional team of Lexington, KY crawl space repair experts who specialize in waterproofing and vapor barrier services, will examine your crawl space area for any damage caused by water seepage, drainage problems, failing support beams, weak soil compaction, or poor foundation structure.

Protect Your Family & Possessions

Some of these problems can cause health issues for the occupants of the home. If the problem is excessive moisture, it can lead to mold issues which could adversely affect your family’s health. Also, extensive damage can be caused to the home from crawl space/foundation issues that are difficult to repair if not fixed immediately. USS can repair your Lexington home’s crawl space damage with waterproofing and vapor barrier services, and restore your family’s house back to a safe condition!

Prevent Future Damage

The longer a crawl space issue goes undiagnosed and unrepaired, the more extensive and expensive the damage becomes to fix. As soon as you notice potential problems, contact United Structural Systems in Lexington for crawl space damage evaluation and repair. Each home’s foundation issues are unique, and USS can come to your home to give you a free and honest evaluation of the issues your home’s crawl space has, and what it will take to fix it. We can quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix any issues you may have with your crawl space or foundation. Contact the experts at United Structural Systems today for professional crawl space repair for your Lexington home.