Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Types of Foundation Repairs

Discovering that your home has foundation issues can leave a homeowner feeling unsettled and wondering what the next step should be. At United Structural Systems, we have an experienced team that will help you identify and repair the cause of your home’s foundation problems. 

A main cause of foundation damage and sinking results from poor soil stabilization around the outside of the foundation. While that might seem like a big hurdle to overcome, our Lexington, KY foundation repair experts have several proven solutions.

When your foundation is sinking or settling, the best Lexington. KY foundation repair solution is to implement a pier system. There are several different types of piers, and each has its own set of benefits.  Concrete piers have been used for many years and are a very cost-effective method to support your sagging foundation. Helical and steel piers take up less area than concrete, and anchor into more solid soil or bedrock below your home’s foundation, providing stability for years to come.

Bowed Walls and Foundation Problems

Sometimes, the issue is a foundation wall that is bowing from outside pressure from the soil or water. It is important to remedy this situation as quickly as possible to avoid major structural damage to the rest of your home. United Structural Systems uses methods such as helical tiebacks, wall anchors, and I-Beams to straighten and stabilize your Lexington home’s bowed wall, preventing further damage to your home’s structure.

United Structural Systems is proud to have the top Lexington, KY foundation repair solution experts in the area. When you contact us, we will arrive at your home and thoroughly evaluate your unique foundation issue, recommending the best cost-effective solution. We provide a free, no obligation estimate, and work with our clients to get their homes safe and secure for their family. Contact United Structural Systems today!