Do You Need Exterior Waterproofing For Your Charleston Home?

Basements and crawl spaces are prone to developing moisture buildup. However, water intrusion occurs in more ways than you may think. It could present as pools of standing water or will seep in through cracks and accumulate as humidity. When excessive moisture builds up and is not properly mitigated, serious foundation problems can occur. These include increased utility costs, musty odors, health issues related to mold and mildew, and costly foundation damage.

Some signs your home in Charleston may need exterior waterproofing include damp or humid air, unpleasant odors, decaying wooden support beams, standing water, damp spots on concrete walls, and condensation buildup during the summer.

Exterior waterproofing of your Charleston home can help resolve an existing problem or prevent issues from occurring altogether. The knowledgeable team at United Structural Systems (USS) understands how to best help homeowners waterproof their basements or crawlspace.

Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

At United Structural Systems, we have fantastic exterior waterproofing solutions available to keep your home dry. Which solution is most appropriate will depend on your specific needs. So we always perform a complete inspection before making recommendations. 

One solution our team may recommend includes epoxy and polyurethane injections for foundation crack sealing of your Charleston home. These help seal any cracks in the foundation walls, thus preventing future moisture intrusion. However, no solution will work well if water continues to pool around the base of your home. 

So the next step is to install an exterior drain designed specifically to capture and redirect water away from the foundation of your Charleston home before the water has a chance to seep into your basement or crawlspace. These drain systems are often called French drains. We fill them with gravel and line them with pipes that help redirect standing water after a storm. 

You can trust our Charleston exterior waterproofing experts to get you a lasting solution that protects your home. Call us today for your free estimate!