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What Causes Walls to Bow?

You count on your home’s concrete foundation and retaining walls to do the job they were designed to do; holding back the soil at a proper slope so your foundation walls don’t bow and crack. If the soil around your foundation starts to move from excess water or extreme weather, the walls can begin to shift. Like a domino effect, this movement can cause damage to your interior walls and flooring. Before that occurs, you should enlist the help of the professional Lexington area foundation restoration and bowed wall repair experts at USS.

Bowed Retaining Wall Solutions

Just like with other home problems, the quicker an issue with your foundation or retaining wall is recognized and acted on, the easier and less expensive the repairs will be. No homeowner wants to have to replace the primary component of their home’s stability due to significant damage that can’t be repaired. The Lexington, KY foundation restoration and bowed wall repair experts at United Structural Systems will evaluate your home’s wall realignment needs and recommend the best solution for your unique problem. Because no two foundation issues are the same, we offer several solutions for stabilizing your foundation or basement walls:

  • Wall slushing
  • Carbon Fiber
  • I-Beams
  • Helical Tiebacks
  • Wall Anchors

At USS, we are proud to offer customers a free assessment of their home’s foundation and basement walls. Our Lexington, KY foundation restoration and bowed wall repair professionals have many years of experience in accurately determining what work needs to be done, and complete the job in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. If you see the troubling signs of a foundation issue, contact United Structural Systems as soon as possible. Our Lexington foundation repair specialists will give your family’s home the stability it needs for years to come! 

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