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Lexington Expansive Soils 

If you’re experiencing foundation troubles from expansive soils in Lexington, contact United Structural Systems. Foundation issues are often caused by the constant movement of expansive soils, and our experienced team of foundation professionals has tried and true soil stabilization solutions for your Lexington property. Our experts can help to mitigate these issues and ensure your home stands on stable ground once again.

What Are Expansive Soils? 

Expansive soils are typically found in areas with heavy clay content in the ground. This type of soil reacts to the amount of water content it receives. When expansive soils take on a large amount of water, they swell and expand. When they experience a lack of moisture, typically during the dry season, they contract. Often, these expansive soils have high mineral content and little to no organic material. This composition makes it extremely difficult to achieve adequate drainage.

How Does Expansive Soil Affect My Foundation? 

Since expansive soil is in constant motion, cycling through expansion and contraction, it creates an unstable surface. As it shifts through these cycles, expansive soil also experiences changes in its volume. And that, in turn, puts pressure on the foundation and the structure it’s supporting. This can result in either foundation heave or foundation settling. That means your foundation cannot remain in its original, stable position. Over time, this movement may result in a cracked foundation or other structural damage.

We Can Help!

At United Structural Systems, we have proven soil stabilization solutions for your Lexington home to stabilize your foundation if it is built on expansive soils. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your foundation and your property. We will then recommend the most appropriate solution for long-lasting repair and stabilization. 

United Structural Systems is a family-owned company, and we have proudly served Lexington residents since 1995. Our highly experienced team provides unmatched customer service and superior workmanship. We can recommend the ideal soil stabilization solution for your Lexington home to address your expansive soil problems, repair your foundation, and prevent further issues from occurring. Contact us today to discuss your options and schedule a free estimate!