Do You Have Uneven Sections or Cracks in Your Sidewalk?

Even though you take excellent care of the sidewalks on your Charleston property, concrete is not immune to trouble. It may start to develop cracks or uneven spots, both of which are an eyesore. However, those issues also pose a larger problem. They can cause a serious tripping hazard and are often signs of more serious issues. Promptly addressing any damage to your sidewalk may help avoid liability issues and more costly repairs in the future.

Contact the Charleston sidewalk repair experts at United Structural Systems at the first sign of a damaged sidewalk. Our highly skilled team will determine the underlying problem, and we’ll recommend the most cost effective repair solution exclusive to your property. 

Sidewalk Repair Solutions

We have multiple repair options, depending on what is causing the damage to your sidewalk. One is to address the cracked sections. We inject polyurethane foam into the openings, creating a waterproof seal. This step will prevent further water intrusion that would worsen the damage. 

While filling the cracks makes the sidewalk more aesthetically pleasing, it does not fix the underlying problem. So, we offer concrete leveling services to stabilize uneven surfaces and prevent further damage. This process involves injecting liquid polyurethane foam into small holes the team drills into your sidewalk. As it hardens, the foam lifts the concrete slab on your Charleston property back into its original, level position. Concrete leveling is a stable and long-term solution, so you can feel confident that your sidewalk is safe for everyone who walks on it.

When you want the most experienced and skilled sidewalk repair team to inspect and locate an underlying problem,  our  sidewalk repair experts in Charleston  utilize concrete slab lifting techniques to make it safe to walk on stable ground again. Call us today for more information or to request your free estimate!