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Repair Beyond the Foundation: Vertical Applications

The soils underneath your structure play a large role in the support of your foundation. Sometimes foundation repair requires work to be done deep into the soils to provide stabilization for the base of the foundation. This is where Vertical Applications come in. We offer several different solutions in new construction and retrofit applications. Our experienced Charleston, West Virginia soil stabilization and structural repair contractors provide quick implementation and can repair many unique situations. Common signs to look out for include:

  • Sinking foundation
  • Sinking floors inside building
  • Settling concrete slabs
  • Bulging floors

How Does It Work?

Vertical Applications work best for any vertical settlement to your foundation, meaning any signs of sinking or sagging that point toward the ground. This is a sign that the soils below your foundation have settled and are causing the foundation or floors of your building to sink or bulge.

To dig deep down into the soil, we use industrial-grade drilling rigs to reach sustainable soils that will support the weight of the structure. The drills will dig deep down below the surface and pass through any non-sustainable soils until load-bearing soil is reached. This will strengthen the soils and give them enough support to sustain the weight of the structure on top of them and prevent future settlement.

Commercial Vertical Application Solutions

At United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc., we specialize in Vertical Application installs with limited-access areas where other systems cannot be used. Our Charleston, West Virginia soil stabilization and structural repair contractors have installed hundreds of mini piles for industrial applications, and offer several different methods to address unique situations. Our offerings include:

  • Auger Cast Piles
  • Caissons
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Helical Pull Down Micropiles
  • Rock Anchor Micropiles
  • Helical Piers

No matter what your needs are, you can rely on the soil stabilization and structural repair contractors at United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. to assess the situation and recommend the best possible solution. We have service areas in Cincinnati, Charleston, Lexington, and Cross Lanes!

helical pull down micropile
Foundation Repair Options