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Other Commercial Services

United Structural Systems is in the business to repair your damaged foundation and concrete slabs, and we offer a whole array of commercial concrete repair services in the Lexington area to help you prevent any chance that structural damage might involve closing down your business.

Pressure Grouting

Got a concrete slab that dropped out of place? We can fix that with pressure grouting, which you might know as mudjacking or slabjacking. Our foundation experts will drill a set of holes into the settled slab, and with pressurized precision will then pump grout into those holes to fill in the gaps, which lifts your slab back into place. Pressure grouting for your Lexington business is a great option for commercial concrete repair in this area. You don't have to dig up anything, thus no downtime for your operation.

Foam Injection Concrete Leveling

This is almost the same type of repair as pressure grouting, except instead of grout, we inject high-density polyurethane foam into a set of holes, each about the diameter of a dime, and within six seconds, we watch the foam begin to expand and fill the voids below the concrete slab. In about 15 seconds, the foam is fully expanded. In just 15 minutes, you can drive your truck across the repaired concrete slab.

Helical Slab Repair Brackets

Helical brackets are commonly used for the repair of heavy commercial and industrial concrete slabs that must support heavy loads or machinery. They are, for all intents and purposes, just big galvanized steel screws that we anchor into bedrock. The bracket mounted onto the screw is anchored to your foundation to give it permanent stability.

Retrofit Brick Ties

These ties are designed to reinforce the brick walls of flooded buildings. A small hole is drilled into the brick wall and filled with mortar and epoxy. The ties are installed through the interior wall and are firmly secured to the stud framing to permanently stabilize bowed or bulging masonry walls.

United Structural Systems is the premier company you can trust in Lexington for commercial concrete repair, including foundations and concrete slabs. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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