USS Basement Waterproofing Systems in Lexington, KY

If your home has a leak in the basement, or you have a new structure and want to protect against future leaks, United Structural Systems (USS) can help. We offer basement waterproofing systems in Lexington, including french drains, to repair leaks and ensure your basement always remains dry.

To determine which solution is right for your home, our experts at USS will conduct a thorough assessment of your home. We will consider the underlying cause of any moisture, the location of your home, and the condition of your property. Our team will then determine which basement waterproofing solution from our Lexington experts is ideal for your home.

Basement Waterproofing Systems

There are two basement waterproofing systems we use in the Lexington area. Both are highly effective in preventing excess moisture from building up and preventing any flooding to the basement area.

Interior Drain Systems

An interior drain system is an ideal solution when groundwater has already entered your basement. It is especially helpful in resolving any water leaks in unfinished basements. After installation, interior drain tile systems direct the water to a lower area. It is then pumped out of the basement using a sump pump.

Exterior Drain Systems

An exterior drain system helps divert water away from the foundation of your home. In doing so, this system prevents water from entering your basement and causing damage. Gravel-filled trenches, known as French drains, are placed outside the Lexington home. They are lined with pipes that direct water away from the foundation and can handle both standard groundwater and heavy rainfall.

USS is proud to support the local community with their basement waterproofing needs in Lexington. We offer the highest quality of workmanship and customer service and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today to determine the most appropriate basement waterproofing system for your Lexington home or to schedule your free estimate!