2001 Floor Supports

A loft was added to the center of the structure, transferring load to existing non-load bearing walls. Work performed by previous contractor to gain access for installation of plumbing compromised the structural integrity of the floor joists.

2000 Foundation Repair

Perma Jack system installed to correct 3 ¾” settlement in North/East corner of structure. East wall had rotated out 1 ¼” and corrected to ¼” without causing additional damage to structure.

2012 Residential Remediation

Residential structure exhibited settlement along exterior wall with exception to front. Settlement was in magnitudes of approximately 2 inches or less.

2012 Waterproof Nightmares

United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. quoted a waterproofing system in June of last year. USS Ltd. was approximately $2500 dollars more than the company contracted. This was a significant savings, if it works! The customer had assumed they made a good choice because “The company had a commercial on TV”.

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