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Why Does Concrete Sink?

The soils underneath concrete slabs can be impacted by water, erosion, poor compaction, and many other factors that cause the soils to expand and contract. Overtime, the movement of the soils causes them to become weak and unsupportive to the heavy concrete up above. When concrete sinking occurs it can affect the foundation of houses or buildings. That is why it is important to fix concrete slabs with pressure grouting. Pressure grouting has a many benefits: it can improve soil and rock, strengthen formation, reduce water flow, and it can fix the faults in concrete structures.

Fix Your Slabs with Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting, or commonly referred to as mudjacking or slab jacking, is an effective method for repairing sunken or cracked concrete slabs. It is a process where small holes are drilled into the slab, then concrete or grout is injected in to fill the void. The result lifts the sunken concrete slab and stabilizes the soils to prevent future settling.

Cracked Foundation