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Commercial Exterior Wall Coating in Lexington, KY

Every building in Lexington is subjected to the elements on a daily basis. Eventually, that beating takes a toll, even on commercial structures. Weather events can wear away at the building's external facade, resulting in cracks, chips, warping, or other damage. That damage is often highly visible and creates an aesthetic nightmare. It also increases the likelihood of water intrusion into the cracks and other open areas, worsening the damage and potentially allowing water to enter the building. At United Structural Systems,  our wall waterproofing experts in Lexington can help protect your  commercial building from water intrusion and the resulting damage.

Our team is skilled in applying commercial exterior wall coatings to Lexington businesses to help protect structures from the effects of seasonal climate conditions. While commercial exterior wall coatings are a decorative element, they also serve another vital role. They act as the first line of defense against wind, hail, rain, dirt, chemicals, and more. Additionally, they help improve the longevity of your structure and provide a beautiful overall finish. 

We have several commercial exterior wall coating options for Lexington business owners  to choose from. Our experienced technicians will work with you to determine the best one for your building. When you trust United Structural Systems with your commercial exterior wall coating project, you can rest assured your structure is in good hands. Our goal is to ensure your commercial building is safe and remains protected from the elements. 

At United Structural Systems,  our Lexington wall waterproofing experts support our customers with all their commercial project needs. We want to do everything possible to ensure your building is protected from environmental damage. Is your Lexington commercial structure showing signs of wear? Would you like to take preventative measures and stop the trouble before it starts? Contact us today to get started planning your next commercial wall coating project. We look forward to working with you.