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Cross Lanes Foundation Repair

United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc in Cross Lanes, WV specializes in foundation repair, wall realignment, and waterproofing. Founded in 1995, we are a third-generation family-owned company committed to providing the highest level of service as well as superior foundation repair and maintenance programs for our commercial and residential customers. That is why we provide free estimates. Each member of our Cross Lanes foundation repair team is trained to handle the unique issues that arise with each foundation.

Commercial Services

United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. has experience with new construction and retrofit applications for commercial spaces. We specialize in foundation repair projects that cannot usually be done by conventional methods. Each building is unique and comes with different foundation issues. United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. can provide a variety of solutions, including vertical applications and lateral applications that are used to stabilize the foundation, and waterproofing applications to keep water out of basements and prevent damage.

Commercial Vertical Applications

Vertical applications by USS KY address all types of vertical settlement to your commercial foundation. We offer vertical foundation repair solutions including auger cast piles, caissons, aggregate piers, helical pull-down micropiles, and more.

Lateral Applications

If horizontal soil movements have caused your foundation to fall out of whack, our lateral foundation repair applications are the answer. We use different kinds of tie-back anchors to secure structure walls back into place and prevent further movement. USS KY also does soil nailing, slope stabilization and more for your laterally-based foundation damage.

Commercial Waterproofing

There is almost nothing you can do to guarantee your commercial space won’t end up flooding. Floods can happen from Mother Nature or your very own plumbing, so even if you are feeling securely high and dry, you just can’t know for sure. Avoid the fear with preventative commercial waterproofing.

Other Commercial Services

In addition to the services already mentioned, we also perform these additional commercial services:

  • Pressure grouting, also known as mudjacking, where we lift concrete slabs by drilling small holes and pumping in a grout to lift the slab back into place. 
  • Polyfoam injections for concrete leveling are similar to pressure grouting, only instead of a concrete grout we pump in a high-density polyurethane foam that will expand and lift the concrete into place. 
  • Helical slab repair brackets, which are a type of steel pier that is dug deep into the soil to stabilize concrete slabs with heavy loads. 
  • Retrofit brick ties were originally designed to reinforce brick walls of flooded buildings. Installed from the interior walls and anchored in place, they can be used in any interior renovation of masonry walls. 

Residential Services

We provide foundation repair, wall realignment, waterproofing and structural support services for our residential customers. Cracks in mortar, bowing walls and a rotating chimney can all be indicators of foundation issues in your home.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair can take a few forms, but no two foundations are the same. Our Cross Lanes, WV experts can determine the cause of your foundation issues, whether it is due to soil erosion, groundwater, or age. Our team is experienced and qualified to handle the foundation issues that will inevitably arise.

Wall Realignment

Basement and retaining walls may bow or crack because of pressure from the surrounding earth or the settling of your home. Wall realignment can provide added support and prevent those problems from occurring. When your walls begin to crack, they are no longer as stable as they once were. It is important for any homeowner to get those inspected and fixed.

Basement Waterproofing

Those little cracks in your basement walls can also be the reason your home is taking on water. Waterproofing your foundation and basement is important because it can fix or prevent flooded basements before they cause water damage to your home. Water damage can be a hassle to deal with and once the damage is done there are many consequences that are a pain to deal with. However, if you invest in waterproofing you will not have to deal with problems such as mold infesting your house or replacing materials that have been ruined by the water. Waterproofing could literally save your home.

Structural Experts

The structural support of your home may be dependent on the joists, beams and cement columns in your crawl space. Your sagging floorboards, cracked drywall and rotting floors may be from a failing support system. No matter what the issue or damage is, our professional team can replace or repair failing areas damaged by time, water or poor building material. United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. cares about you and your structural needs and concerns. Our foundation repair team will not rest until you are taken care of and satisfied.

For more information about our services, the systems we use, or to schedule a free estimate, do not hesitate to contact us at (304) 346-7777.

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