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Commercial Waterproofing: Everything You Need to Know

At United Structural Systems, we believe that knowledge and support is one of the greatest things we can provide our customers. When it comes to owning and operating a business, commercial waterproofing isn’t necessarily a hot topic. However, when you suspect you need waterproofing services, you deserve to have the resources you need to make the decision that’s best for your business, employees, and customers.

Why is Commercial Waterproofing Important? 

Let’s start with the benefits of commercial waterproofing. The reasons you should waterproof your business aren’t too far off from the reasons you might waterproof your home: it prevents health hazards and structural damage. With the correct waterproofing solution, your building will benefit from the following:

Preventing Health Hazards

Excess water can give way to mold and mildew growth, leading to annoying and potentially dangerous health hazards for your employees, customers, and guests.

Reducing Energy Costs

Humidity can cause extra strain on your HVAC systems as it is more difficult to control the temperature of damp air. 

Avoiding Structural Damage

From support beams to foundation walls, there are many aspects of your building’s foundation that are susceptible to water damage. Choosing to waterproof your commercial building can prevent cracks in concrete and wood deterioration from occurring. 

Restoring Beauty and Integrity

With our repair services, we can help restore the beauty and integrity of your property after it has experienced water damage. 

Does my Commercial Building Need to be Waterproofed?

As a preventative approach, we suggest that all business owners invest in some form of waterproofing. With our free estimate, our expert commercial contractors can help you determine the best way to seal your building from water. What if you already suspect that your property has incurred water damage? If you have noticed any of the following warning signs of water intrusion, it’s likely time to search for a commercial waterproofing company to help protect your business.

Top 5 Signs Your Building Needs Commercial Waterproofing and Repair 

Unlike some foundation issues, waterproofing issues are typically easy to spot. Here are the top signs of water damage that you should look out for if you’re a business owner: 

  • Signs of moisture: Have you noticed damp dry walls, water rings on ceilings, condensation on windows and mirrors, or standing water on the floors of your building? 
  • Mold and mildew: Can you see or smell mold or mildew growing in and around your building?
  • Foul odors: Does your building smell like musty?
  • Air Quality: Is the air inside your property damp and humid?
  • Cracks: Has excessive damage caused cracks to run up the walls of your crawl space or basement? 

When Should I Hire a Commercial Waterproofing Contractor? 

Unfortunately, if you have noticed any of these symptoms occurring, your building has already been impacted by water damage. Excess moisture, mold, mildew, foul odors, and cracks indicate that water has already seeped into your property and begun to compromise your building’s integrity. However, acting quickly can prevent the problem from getting worse and causing more costly damage. As soon as you’re aware of the potential need, a commercial waterproofing contractor can evaluate the scope of the problem and help you find the best solution.

Commercial Waterproofing Company in Lancaster and Lexington, KY, Charleston, WV, and Cincinnati, OH

Whether you’re waterproofing as a preventative method or to repair and prevent further damage, our commercial contractors offer the unique solution you’re looking for. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, the experts at United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. can assess your situation and recommend the best possible solution to meet your waterproofing needs. We’ll consider the unique impact your location, architecture, and water have on your property, ensuring that we find a solution that works and lasts. 

Our Lexington, Kentucky and Other Location Services

We offer the following commercial waterproofing services in Kentucky to ensure your property is protected:

  • Exterior Wall Coating
  • Epoxy & Polyurethane Injection
  • Surface Drainage
  • Ventilation

Each of these services provides permanent solutions for waterproofing your building’s basement or crawl space. 

Get a Free Commercial Waterproofing Estimate

We offer free estimates so you can be assured you are provided the commercial waterproofing service that’s right for you. Call United Structural Systems Ltd., Inc. today for a free estimate! We have service areas in Cincinnati, Charleston, Lexington, and Cross Lanes!

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