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Helical Slab Repair Brackets

Do you have a structure that is smaller than a house that requires stability, repairing, or foundational support? If the answer is yes, then look no further than United Structural Systems’ helical concrete slab repair brackets for your Charleston or Lexington structure. One of the most common and practical forms of repairing and providing support for lighter structures is through the use of helical slab repair brackets. Through our years of experience, we’ve had numerous successful cases with these materials, and we’re confident that this will be a perfect solution for your situation as well. Helical slab brackets are commonly utilized in commercial and industrial slabs, though the use of these brackets has often extended beyond these situations. 

The helical brackets utilized by our Charleston and Lexington team are simply large steel piers that provide stabilization to the surface by digging deep down into the soil. This method of providing support is incredibly easy to install while being immensely reliable as well. Their ease of use and their reliability make them a budget-friendly approach to adding support to those areas that see significant, heavy traffic. On top of this, they’re crafted to withstand several years of service once they’ve been installed and are specifically designed to provide additional strength to a unit. They are most commonly used on top of helical anchors in order to achieve this addition of strength. Overall, the helical concrete slab repair brackets used by our Charleston and Lexington professionals are one of the best investments that you can make to ensure the strength and lifespan of the slabs that you work on day after day.  

At United Structural Systems, we care about supporting you just as much as we care about supporting your foundations. We’re always here for our neighbors and want to do everything that we can to ensure the strength of the foundations in the Charleston and Lexington communities, including concrete slab repair. Reach out to us today and we’ll get you the peace of mind that you’re after when it comes to your foundations. 

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