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Commercial Surface Drainage Systems in Lexington, KY

It’s important for commercial and industrial property owners to prioritize efficient surface drainage systems to manage water effectively and to maintain the structural integrity of their properties. United Structural Systems offers proven commercial surface drainage system installation services in Lexington, specially designed to prevent excessive water accumulation around the foundation of the building, ensuring structural preservation.

The Functionality of Surface Drains

Surface drainage systems consist of underground pipes and a gravel-filled catch basin. A protective grate covers the drainage system to ensure safety and mitigate plant growth and intrusion. The design ensures excess water is redirected away from the foundation to other areas such as city sewers or natural water elements. This is a practical solution in areas that face challenges with improper grading or water retention from low elevation.

Drainage System Variety

United Structural Systems offers Lexington surface drainage systems and commercial water drains in various configurations, including open drains of varying depths and complexities, as well as humps and hollows, and earthen ridges that direct excess moisture into depressions that serve as drainage outlets. Levees and grassed waterways can be added to control water flow and prevent erosion. The type of drainage system that is installed is determined by the property's location, the land's slope, topography, and the expected volume of water.

Addressing Water Accumulation

For properties experiencing issues with water pooling, United Structural Systems’ commercial surface drainage system installation services in Lexington provide a reliable, long-term solution. Surface drains employ underground channels and catch basins to redirect water, ensuring a dry environment around the building’s foundation. These systems can be optimized and enhanced by integrating them with other drainage solutions, customized to meet the specific needs of your property.

Surface Drain Installation

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Implementing effective commercial water drains and surface drainage systems for your Lexington commercial or industrial property is essential to protect the foundation and the structural integrity of your building. Don't let water accumulation become a threat to your property. Reach out to United Structural Systems today to request your free estimate!