Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Uneven Doors or Windows

Have the windows or door frames of your Lexington home become uneven? It could indicate foundation problems. The safety and structural integrity of your home depends on a strong foundation, and addressing minor issues when they arise is critical. Left unattended, they can become more serious and more costly issues later on.

Our foundation repair experts at United Structural Systems can help you find the underlying causes of your foundation troubles. We can come to your home and perform a thorough inspection and a free estimate for any necessary repairs, not only repairing the damage, but taking measures to prevent the damage from reoccurring. If you’re noticing sticking doors or windows in your Lexington home, or need window or door repair, reach out to us now to schedule your inspection.

What to Look For

Trouble with doors and windows is easy to identify early on due to their regular use. While having a door or window get stuck is frustrating, it also may indicate a more significant problem. When they do not sit properly in their frames, and it appears you need window and door repair for your Lexington home, it may be an early indication of underlying foundation trouble.

A couple of things to watch out for are doors and windows that have visible gaps around the frames or don’t latch when closed, thus popping open on their own. If you experience any of these warning signs, contact the experts at United Structural Systems today to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Shifting or sinking of a home’s foundation can exert pressure on the overall structure, pushing framing out of alignment. When foundation settling is the underlying cause, unrepaired problems will only worsen over time.

Our Process

Our team of foundation repair professionals will come to your home to perform a complete inspection. We will look at your crawl space and foundation to locate any issues and assess your property to determine whether your sticking windows and doors are due to foundation trouble. Then we will provide you with recommendations for foundation repair or window and door repair in your Lexington home.

Our experienced team at United Structural Systems is here to help you. If you are experiencing sticking windows or doors in your Lexington home, contact us today!