Charleston Steel Push Pier Installation: Foundation Repair Contractor

Lexington Foundation Repair Solutions

If your home has uneven floors, interior or exterior cracks, or sticking doors, you may have a settling foundation. The specialists at United Structural Systems in Lexington have experience with foundation piers, concrete lifting services, and repair systems. Our team will help you find a long-term solution, protecting your home for many years to come.

Foundation Repair Options

United Structural Systems has over two and a half decades of experience helping Lexington homeowners with foundation repair. We believe the best permanent repair option is steel push piers. With a variety of foundation repair options available, it is important to understand each method. After comparing other options, it is clear to see why a push pier system is the preferred solution for foundation repair.

Injections for Foundation Crack Repair

This method utilizes epoxy or polyurethane foam that gets injected into cracks. The result is a waterproof seal that will help prevent future damage, but it does not address the underlying cause of the damage.

Concrete Pier System

Concrete piers are a more economical option than steel foundation piers for your Lexington home. However, they do not extend down past the layers of weak soil that caused the initial damage. Thus, they don’t provide the same level of support as steel piers, and you may face the possibility of more foundation issues in the future. 

Helical Piers

Helical piers are inserted into the surrounding soil using a screw-like process. They can reach load-bearing soil, but they do not go far enough down to hit bedrock. So while they are an excellent solution for lighter structures in Lexington, these foundation piers aren’t ideal for supporting heavier structures.

Steel Push Piers

Unlike concrete and helical piers, steel push piers can reach deep into the bedrock. Their insertion into bedrock means they are not subject to any movement in weak soil. Additionally, they can support 10 times the weight of concrete piers.

Due to their stability and longevity, steel push foundation piers from our Lexington experts are the preferred repair method for our team at United Structural Systems.

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