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Sagging Crawl Space

The dank, dingy crawl space beneath your main floor is an integral component in the overall structural support of your home; it works in tandem with the foundation to keep your home stable. But when excessive moisture seeps beneath your home, conditions become perfect for mold growth, bug infestation, and rodent habitation. Any one of those problems weakens the wood of the floor joists that support the structure of your home. Once compromised, the joists become spongy and begin to sag. So does your floor.

Too much moisture—and even standing water—is a common issue nearly every homeowner in the area will face at one time or another. That’s when you contact United Structural Systems, a leading crawl space repair contractor in Lexington. For nearly 30 years we’ve been the premier leader for crawl space repair in Lexington. 

Our team will complete a thorough assessment to determine the underlying reason for the sagging floors in your Lexington home. We will then provide you with a detailed, fair and honest cost estimate for our recommendation to repair the floor joists and waterproof the crawl space of your Lexington home.

Addressing crawl space issues is vital to the structural stability of your home, and if you handle the problem sooner than later you will avoid what will undoubtedly result in more costly repairs in the future. Our Lexington crawl space repair contractors will help you find the most appropriate repair solution for your home so you can rest assured your home is safe for you and your loved ones. 

The team at United Structural Systems has proudly served Lexington homeowners since 1995. Our family-owned company has a highly experienced team who provides exceptional customer service to all customers. Our Lexington crawl space repair contractors will help you fix your sagging floors and crawl space area so you can trust in the safety and stability of your home’s foundation. Call today for more information about our crawl space or foundation repair services. 

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