Do You Need Exterior Waterproofing in Lexington?

It is not uncommon for Lexington crawl spaces and basements to develop a water problem. Water may seep in through the ground or the walls over time. Or it may rush in all at once during or after a large storm. It is easy to identify water problems after discovering a pool of standing water. However, moisture intrusion also can present as accumulating humidity or slow seepage through cracks.

If water intrusion isn't dealt with properly, serious problems can arise. These may include musty odors, increased energy costs, health concerns due to mold and mildew, or significant foundation issues. Signs that you may need exterior waterproofing solutions for your Lexington home include rotting wooden beams, damp or humid air, wet spots on the concrete, unpleasant odors, standing water, and condensation buildup.

Exterior waterproofing solutions not only fix current problems, they are also fantastic tools to prevent issues from reoccurring or even arising in the first place. At United Structural Systems (USS) in Lexington, our experienced team knows how to help homeowners find the right waterproofing solution.

Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

We have multiple exterior waterproofing solutions in Lexington that will keep your home dry. We always perform a thorough inspection to determine which is right for you.

One option is epoxy and polyurethane injections, which seal cracks in foundation walls. This foundation crack sealing process for your Lexington home prevents future water intrusion and damage. It is an imperfect solution, though, if water remains pooled around the foundation of your home. 

Installing an exterior drainage system is the best way to prevent water from pooling around the foundation, and consequently seeping into your basement or crawlspace. It will capture water before it can get into your Lexington home and will redirect it away from the foundation. These drainage systems are also referred to as French drains, which are filled with gravel and lined with pipes to redirect stormwater toward the street, or somewhere off your property. 

You can trust the expert Lexington exterior waterproofing team at USS. We will help protect your home and keep it dry. Call today to receive your free estimate!