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Polyurethane Foam or Epoxy Injections for Foundation Crack Repair in Charleston

Are cracks appearing in the foundation of your  home? If so, you will want to have a foundation crack repair professional in Charleston conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Foundation cracks are unsightly, but they can also indicate underlying foundation issues and structural damage. If left unresolved, you could end up with far more significant and costly issues. The experts at United Structural Systems will come to your home to conduct a complete assessment. Once our team determines the underlying cause of your foundation damage, we will recommend the best solutions for repairing the damage and preventing it from happening again.

One of  the foundation crack repair solutions from our Charleston experts involves polyurethane foam or epoxy injections.  

How Do Injections Help?

The epoxy and polyurethane foam injections create a waterproof seal over the cracks. This seal provides a protective barrier and will prevent debris and water from entering the area. Injections for foundation crack repair also help fix the external appearance of the cracks, so they are not as noticeable. While these injections help seal the cracks externally, they do not fix or mitigate the underlying cause of the foundation damage. The cause of the foundation cracks needs to be determined to prevent further structural damage to your home.

When your home’s foundation has visible cracks, call the professionals at United Structural Systems. After conducting a thorough assessment,  our foundation crack repair experts in Charleston can identify any underlying issues and provide you with a customized repair recommendation.

Why United Structural Systems?

You can trust United Structural Systems with all of your foundation crack repair needs in Charleston. Our family-owned company is proud to serve  homeowners in the area and has done so since 1995. We have a team of foundation and crawl space repair experts who will ensure your home is safe for you and your family. If you notice cracks in your foundation or suspect damage has occurred to your foundation or crawl space area, reach out today. Our team will answer any questions you may have and offer permanent solutions. Contact us to schedule your free estimate now!

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