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Charleston Concrete Leveling

Concrete surfaces regularly shift over time due to weather, changes in the water content of the underlying soil, and heavy use. When your concrete slab begins to lean or tilt, the expert concrete leveling services from Charleston’s United Structural Systems are your #1 choice for concrete leveling and repair. 

We will perform a thorough inspection of your concrete slab and surrounding soil, and our concrete raising company in Charleston will provide you with repair recommendations, customized to meet the unique needs of your property and uneven concrete slab.

Why do I need concrete leveling?

All concrete surfaces will become impacted by any number of environmental factors throughout their use. Often, external forces result in concrete slabs that are uneven or that develop serious cracks. Uneven sections of concrete are unsightly at best and pose a significant safety hazard at worst.

An uneven surface can show up in any concrete surface, including:

  • Pool decks
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Steps
  • Porches and Patio

Often, the underlying cause has nothing to do with your concrete slab itself. Erosion, weak soil, and intrusion of tree roots can all play a part in damaging your concrete.

It is vital to address uneven areas in your concrete quickly, especially if pedestrians or bicyclists regularly use them. Unlevel concrete presents a tripping hazard and creates an unsafe and unstable surface.

Our Charleston concrete leveling service experts will inject a polyurethane foam beneath your concrete, which immediately expands and lifts your concrete back into place. The entire process takes about 15 minutes, which means you’ll be able to walk on the concrete before you finish your next pot of coffee.

United Structural Systems has served Charleston residents since 1995. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in offering exceptional customer service. Our professional and highly experienced team will help you find the appropriate concrete leveling option for your unique needs. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about our Charleston concrete leveling services or our other foundation repair services. 

Call our Charleston concrete raising company today to schedule your free estimate.

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