PolyLevel™ Injection for Your Sinking Concrete

When it comes to concrete leveling and repair services in Charleston, WV, PolyLevel™ injections are the way of the future. Many of the older methods of concrete lifting don’t address the underlying issues that cause concrete to sink in the first place, therefore they only temporarily fix the problem and over time you’ll find your concrete sinking and crumbling again. PolyLevel™ for concrete and foundation repair is a state-of-the-art solution to stabilizing and lifting concrete slabs that utilizes the concept of mudjacking but with a modern twist using updated technology and understanding. Read on to learn about how our Charleston, WV concrete repair contractors and PolyLevel™ injection services can help your sinking concrete slabs.

What can PolyLevel™ be used for?

The PolyLevel™ System is an ideal tool for concrete lifting in a variety of applications. Our Charleston concrete repair contractors can use PolyLevel™ injections to stabilize, repair and lift concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, garage floors and aprons, and basement slabs. Because of the unique nature of the polyurethane foam used in  PolyLevel™ concrete lifting, it can lift and hold extremely heavy loads. 

How does PolyLevel™ work?

By utilizing the existing technique of mudjacking but supplementing with improved methods and materials, PolyLevel™ concrete lifting is more effective and faster than mudjacking. The best part about PolyLevel™ injection for concrete repair is the fact that it permanently solves the problem that caused your concrete to sink in the first place. Rather than using a mixture of concrete and mud, which is what is used in mudjacking, PolyLevel™ uses a high-density, expanding polyurethane foam to raise slabs back to their original position and secure them into place. We bore small holes, about the size of a penny, into the slab and inject structural grade polymer into the void beneath the concrete slab. We are able to fill with the correct amount of polyurethane foam to accurately lift and level the slab. Once it’s done, our Charleston, WV concrete repair contractors grout and seal the holes and voila, your PolyLevel™ concrete lifting is completed.

What causes concrete to sink?

Soil shifting is generally the cause of sinking concrete, although there can be various reasons your soil shifts. Most soil in the United States is some kind of expansive soil, meaning it grows in volume when wet and shrinks when dry. This cycle causes the soil to press against your concrete slabs and can even cause them to heave upwards, then when the soil shrinks away again it leaves voids beneath the concrete that it can then sink into. Voids can also be created by burrowing animals. Another major factor in the settlement of soil beneath concrete is the fact that most concrete is poured upon backfilled soil that is very loose and, with the weight of concrete upon it, will settle easily over time. 

PolyLevel™ Injection vs. Mudjacking 

We have already discussed the fact that PolyLevel™ is something of an “offshoot” of traditional mudjacking for concrete lifting. It is a much better and more effective solution that addresses and conforms to the actual causes of sinking concrete, which is settling and shifting soil. So what are some ways that PolyLevel™ is superior to mudjacking?

  • The polyurethane material is waterproof and will never wash out from beneath your slab
  • Expansive polymers in the foam lift heavier loads, even foundations
  • PolyLevel™ injection material weighs only 4 pounds per cubic yard, compared to 120 pounds per cubic yard for concrete
  • The PolyLevel™ polyurethane foam is able to be walked and even driven on in as little as 15 minutes after installation
  • Injection holes are fewer and smaller in diameter than what’s needed for mudjacking

Restore Your Home’s Safety and Value with  PolyLevel™ Injection

Your sunken, cracked concrete is a blight on your home’s safety and even the value of your property. Don’t wait until someone trips and injures themselves. Call today for a free estimate on getting PolyLevel™ injection concrete lifting and repair services for your concrete slabs in Charleston, West Virginia. From pool decks and sidewalks, to your home’s foundation.